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College & Career Center
College and Career Advisor--Ms Matavulj

Where do Woodside kids go to college?

Hidden Gems: Great Colleges to Consider


Just can't help it:)


Scholarlarships are MOST CURRENT on your Naviance page. Click the COLLEGES tab and then click SCHOLARSHIPS.

If the scholarship is followed by a link, students can either apply online or download an application. If a link is not provided, paper applications are available in the C&C Center.

Gates Millennium Scholars

For outstanding senior students who have significant financial need. This is Bill Gates money, so it's not just small change.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Many excellent scholarship possibilities for seniors. Qualifications: US citizen or legal resident, 3.0 GPA, plans to complete the FAFSA, and full-time enrollment in a college or university for the 2009-2010 school year.

Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

For seniors.

Quick Links

Three newer college websites:

For everything about the SAT:

To search for colleges and universities:


Everything you'd ever want to know about California State Universities (CSUs):

Everything you'd ever want to know about the University of California (UCs):

For help with planning a California college education:

Access to one application that can be used for over 350 colleges and universities:

For future college athletes (this is a must!!!!):

For help with financial aid:

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