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SENIORS & FAMILIES--Financial Aid Info

This is information shared with ALL seniors in their English classes.

CLASS OF 2016--First Steps for College

Here’s what you should know going into the second semester if you are planning to apply to four-year colleges next year.

  1. Second semester of Junior year is the right time to take the SAT and/or ACT test.

When are they?

The SAT is January 24 (not many kids take it then), March 14, May 2 (there’s going to be a prep class here @ Woodside to get ready for this date), and June 6 (a really good time to take the SAT Subject tests, if you’re interested).

The ACT is February 7, April 18, and June 13.

Which test should I take?

The colleges do not prefer one test over the other. You should concentrate on the one that works best for you?

How do I know which test works for me?

On Saturday, January 24, Princeton Review will offer a free combination practice test at Woodside. The test includes both SAT and ACT sections.

On Wednesday, January 28, there will be a free Score-back Strategy session @ Woodside to explain scores and answer questions and concerns about the tests.

To register for both, please call 510-295-0002

2. Second semester is March Into College.

What is March Into College?

March Into College is a workshop series on four Wednesday nights in March. Each workshop is a different college topic: creating a college list, researching all possibilities, the different applications, the requirements like tests, personal statements, and letters of rec, financial aid, and scholarships are all covered.

When is it exactly?

Wednesday, March 4, 11, 18, and 25 @7:00pm in either the MUR or the library (depending on the need for computers).

Who makes the best audience?

The March Into College workshops are for juniors planning on applying to four-year colleges next year and their parents.

3. What are some possibilities for the summer after junior year?

You can work, volunteer, play sports, travel, or participate in a program that fits your interests. Here are a few possibilities.

  • Classes @ Stanford precollegiate.stanford.edu
  • COSMOS @ UC Davis, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Irivne www.ucop.edu/cosmos A science, technology, engineering, and mathematics program on UC campuses.
  • Research Mentorship Program at UC Santa Barbara http://summer.ucsb.edu/rmp
  • UC San Francisco and Stanford Arthritis Foundation Program www.SummerScienceInternship.kintera.org This is a very prestigious program for students interested in the medical field.
  • RISE: A seven week science and math program @ Stanford for students who have above a 3.5 GPA and are from an under-represented group or low income family. If you are interested, please email zmatavulj@seq.org, and you will be nominated to receive an application.
  • Wishbone: An organization that helps students who need financial assistance to attend a summer program. www.wishbone.org/students



Where do Woodside kids go to college?

College Info & Personal Statements-PP

One PowerPoint is about college applications and related requirements. The other PowerPoint is UC and Common App admissions officers advising applicants about personal statments.

Hidden Gems: Great Colleges to Consider


Just can't help it:)


Scholarlarships are MOST CURRENT on your Naviance page. Click the COLLEGES tab and then click SCHOLARSHIPS.

If the scholarship is followed by a link, students can either apply online or download an application. If a link is not provided, paper applications are available in the C&C Center.

Gates Millennium Scholars

For outstanding senior students who have significant financial need. This is Bill Gates money, so it's not just small change. http://www.gmsp.org

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Many excellent scholarship possibilities for seniors. Qualifications: US citizen or legal resident, 3.0 GPA, plans to complete the FAFSA, and full-time enrollment in a college or university for the 2009-2010 school year. http://www.hsf.net

Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

For seniors. http://www.apiasf.org/

Quick Links

Three newer college websites:





For everything about the SAT:


To search for colleges and universities:




Everything you'd ever want to know about California State Universities (CSUs):


Everything you'd ever want to know about the University of California (UCs):


For help with planning a California college education:


Access to one application that can be used for over 350 colleges and universities:


For future college athletes (this is a must!!!!):


For help with financial aid:


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